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Florida Distributing | Orlando, Florida

8,978 SF Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Facility and Fuel Island Addition

Demolished Existing Covered Canopy Area and Maintenance Garage in Separate Phases to make way for new Maintenance Facility and Fuel Island

Maintenance Garage Constructed directly adjacent to Existing Active Warehouse (no disruptions to operations)

Garage addition includes:

    • Manager Office Space
    • Employee Break Room
    • Restroom
    • Storage Mezzanine
    • Parts Room
    • Equipment/Lubricant Storage Room
    • Open Maintenance Bay
    • Full-Service Automotive Lubricant
    • Pressurized Air system

New Fuel Island constructed in place of the old Maintenance Garage and includes:

Two Diesel Fuel Dispensers (one Unleaded Gasoline)

      • Remote above -ground Storage Tank that has a 12,000 gallon Diesel Fuel and 3,000 Unleaded Gasoline Storage Capacity
      • Overhead Canopy