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- H. Gordon Selfridge

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Andrew Sitton Joins the ARCO Team!

Andrew Sitton Joins the ARCO Team!


Andrew Sitton Joins the ARCO Team!


We’re excited to announce the addition of beer industry expert, Andrew Sitton, to the ARCO team! Andrew’s 17 years of experience providing beverage clientele architecture and construction solutions makes him a perfect fit for ARCO Beverage Group. In his new role, Andrew will work in both business development and project management.

Throughout his career, Andrew has proven to be a great asset to beverage wholesalers. From renovations and expansions to ground up new construction, Andrew’s vast experience and industry specific knowledge has enabled him to successfully complete even the most complex projects.

With a strong foundation in all facets of design and construction, Andrew offers a broad range expertise. His ability to guide clients through programming, layout, budget and overall design gives them the security of knowing they are receiving the most functional and cost-effective facility possible.

“I’ve always had a love for construction,” says Andrew. “Seeing a cleared jobsite transform into a successful new structure is an incredible feeling,” he says.

As the nation’s largest builder of beverage distributorships, ARCO looks forward to utilizing Andrew’s expertise to build even more Raving Fans within the beverage industry. Welcome to the team, Andrew!

ARCO Beverage Group Completes Project for Raving Fan in Republic, MO


ARCO Beverage Group Completes Project for Raving Fan in Republic, MO

ARCO Beverage Group was honored to construct Heart of America Beverage’s new Republic, MO distributorship! After initially enlisting an architect for traditional plan and specification delivery, and receiving budget costs far greater than they anticipated, Harwood Ferguson and the Heart of America Beverage team were amazed at our ability to design and build a better facility at a significantly lower cost. 

From the client

“We recently completed construction on a brand new 150,000 square foot distribution center, designed and built by ARCO. I really can’t say enough about ARCO’s performance on this project, and I would recommend them whole-heartedly to anyone considering a construction project of their own.

ARCO helped us to carefully think through countless decisions with which we would otherwise have struggled. Having completed many similar projects around the country, they were in a position to share with us what they have seen other distributors do, and more importantly, what has worked well and what has not. Now that we have moved in and are fully operational in our new facility, the value of these insights has come into full light. I am entirely confident that this facility is far more functional than it otherwise would have been without ARCO’s involvement.

Another tremendous asset ARCO brought to the table was their ability to control costs. In our case, we had previously engaged the services of an architectural firm to design our building, and had gone on to bid the project out to several general contractors. The projected costs were far higher than we had anticipated. Fortunately some distributor friends of ours suggested that we look into working with ARCO. As it turns out ARCO was able to bring the cost of the project down sharply, while still delivering all of the elements we wanted in our building. In fact, we prefer the design that ARCO came up with over what had previously been designed. In the end we not only saved a tremendous amount of money with ARCO (we actually finished under budget), but we also got the best possible building for our investment.

Timeliness was yet another strength ARCO display in this process. Given the tendency for large construction projects to run late, it is still amazing to me that this was not the case for us. Despite the normal delays that happen with every project, ARCO was able to complete our facility on schedule. For a business like ours that never stops running, this was incredibly valuable.

In short, ARCO was on time, under budget and highly professional. I would recommend them without hesitation, and would welcome questions from any of their prospective clients.”

– Harwood Ferguson, President  |  Heart of America Beverage 

About Heart of America Beverage

Heart of America Beverage Company is the leading, supplier-preferred beer distribution company in southwest Missouri.  With roots going back 40 years, Heart of America Beverage has grown and evolved tremendously while continuing to stay true to their roots.  Today they remain a southwest Missouri family owned business dedicated to continued growth and improvement and to being the best beverage wholesaler in the area. Heart of America Beverage has won numerous awards including eleven Excellence Awards from Coors Brewing, Five Miller High Life Achievement Awards from Miller Brewing, Four President’s Awards from MillerCoors, and many more. 

For more information, visit www.hoabev.com



ARCO Beverage Group Completes New Facility for Crescent Crown Distributing

ARCO Beverage Group Completes New Beverage Distribution Facility and Office for Crescent Crown Distributing in Lafayette, LA.


Construction recently completed on a new 98,465 sf beverage distribution facility and office. The project specifications include:

58,737 SF Controlled Temperature Warehouse (<70°)
9,959 SF Draught Cooler
14,750 SF Office
5,208 SF Point-of-Sale Area
7,754 SF Enclosed Back-In Loading
523 SF Dock Office
1,534 SF Repack Area
30’ Unobstructed Clear Storage Height

To see more pictures from this project follow the link below

Crescent Crown Distributing

ARCO Beverage Group Completes Historic Conversion Project for American Icon Brewery

ARCO Beverage Group Completes American Icon Brewery in Vero Beach, Florida.


Construction recently completed on a conversion of a historic diesel power plant to a 12,300 SF craft brewery. The project specifications include:

2,650 SF Fermenting/Brite Area
600 SF Dry Storage
6,000 SF Outdoor Patio
6,115 SF 2-Story Tasting Room with Retail Component
2,935 SF Kitchen and Support Area
15,000 BBLS Production Capacity

To see more pictures from this project follow the link below

American Icon Brewery

ARCO Beverage Group is Busy at Koerner Distributor’s New Facility


Construction Underway at Koerner Distributor’s Effingham Jobsite

The Effingham Daily News recently took note of the progress at our jobsite for Koerner Distributor. Local officials are excited that Koerner chose Effingham for their new facility, and look forward to the addition of 35 jobs as a result of the increased capacity. Superintendent, Steve Hill, described the construction process, project specifications and ARCO’s expertise in temperature controlled warehouses. Check out the full article in the Effingham Daily News here!

About Koerner Distributor

Family owned and operated since 1982, Koerner Distributor, Inc. has grown to become one of the largest beverage distributors of beer, wine, liquor and non-alcoholic beverages, in the great state of Illinois.  The headquarters are located in Effingham, IL with satellite offices in Carterville, New Baden, and Champaign, IL.  Within these four locations Koerner has a handle on 60 counties of 102 that Illinois houses.



ARCO Beverage Group Completes Hoffman Beverage

ARCO Beverage Group Completes Hoffman Beverage in Chesapeake, Virginia

Construction recently completed on a new 217,392 SF beverage distribution facility and office renovation and expansion. The project specifications include:

115,400 SF CEW Expansion constructed of Thermomass Tilt Up Panels and Conventional Steel Joists/Girders
32,468 SF Draught Cooler
5,594 SF 1st Floor Office Renovation
81,237 SF Existing CEW Conversion/Renovation Including:
7,366 SF Fleet Maintenance
5,720 SF POS
2,233 SF Sign Shop
937 SF Draught Repair
20,715 SF 2-Story Office Expansion Including:
3,444 SF Hospitality Room
3,651 SF Open Office Space
20 Dock Positions with Vertical Levelers
Architectural Brick Office with Tile Flooring, Hospitality Bar, Two-Story Slide, and Office Patio Area
32′ Clear Height in CEW
Suspended Catwalk for Access from Office through Draft Cooler and CEW
LED Lighting Throughout New Areas
Fuel Island

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ARCO Beverage Group is Proud to Sponsor Drink Local Think Global!

ARCO Beverage Group is a proud sponsor of Drink Local, Think Global.

Drink Local, Think Global works with Charity: Water by partnering with craft breweries through events and ongoing sponsorship to raise funds to build water wells. Charity: Water is a nonprofit on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 

The Global Crisis

  • 663 Million People in the world live without access to clean water–that is 1 in 10 people worldwide (Twice the size of the United States)
  • 1 in 3 people worldwide do not have access to a toilet
  • 2,200 children die every day from diseases caused by unclean water
  • Diseases caused by dirty water kill more people than all forms of violence, including war, every single year
  • In Africa alone, women spend a combined 40 billion hours a year walking for water
  • Women and children from all over the world spend a combined 125 million hours a day collecting water

Drink Local, Think Global’s most recent event in Omaha, NE raised enough funds to build a well in the Central African Republice. More than 500 people will now have access to clean water, possibly for the first time ever!


ARCO Beverage Group Completes Facility for High Country Beverage

ARCO Beverage Group recently completed construction of a 134,462 SF beverage distribution facility with office and truck maintenance garage for High Country Beverage. Located in Johnstown, Colorado, this new facility features a 77,907 SF controlled temperature warehouse, 18,793 SF draught cooler, 7,660 SF enclosed back-in loading area, and a 3,740 SF truck maintenance facility. As the new headquarters for High Country Beverage the building also includes a 26,332 SF two-story office and hospitality suite. 

Utilizing ARCO Beverage Group’s design/build process, High Country Beverage was able to reduce costs, reduce risk, and ultimately have their new headquarters quicker than if they had used the traditional method of construction. The end product is stunning, and High Country couldn’t be happier to call this their new home.

About High Country Beverage

High Country Beverage is Colorado’s premier distributor for some of America’s most beloved beers, cutting-edge beverages, and heavily-decorated craft brews. High Country Beverage has grown tremendously and now covers both Northern Colorado and the Western Slope, reaching as far North as the Wyoming border and as far Southwest as Telluride. High Country Beverage is an independent, family-owned company.


ARCO Beverage Group Completes New Facility for RMC Distributing

ARCO Beverage Group is proud to have recently completed construction on a new beer distributorship for RMC Distributing! When RMC began contemplating a more efficient operation, they first envisioned the consolidation of their two facilities in Southeastern Colorado to one new building. After 12 months of due diligence and consultation, ARCO helped RMC settle on a more cost-effective project in the ideal location. Together, ARCO and RMC determined the best solution would be to purchase and renovate an existing 134,000 square foot warehouse/office and add 32,630 square feet of additional corporate office, back-in loading and dunnage canopy space. The newly finished warehouse includes a large draught cooler, POS area, and repack area. The office finishes feature executive space on the second floor, a 4,100 square foot hospitality room with focal bar & outdoor patio with fire pit, and a new fitness room for RMC associates. The exposed structure, polished concrete, grand staircase and glass sectional door have resulted in a statement making space for the company to thrive and grow. Owner, Mike Pfalmer, remarked that the difference maker in partnering with ARCO was the tremendous benefit of working with a single point of contact throughout the process.

“Due to ARCO being a design and build organization, the project moved very smoothly and allowed for beneficial cross talk between all stakeholders. ARCO’s experience genuinely helped RMC work through design challenges that could have otherwise resulted in budget blows, delays or simply an unsatisfactory result. Their teamwork concept and constant communication gave us all a sense of inclusion and a deeper understanding of the project…”

In addition to a successful construction project, the team dynamic between ARCO and RMC is one that has produced a valuable professional partnership as well as great personal friendships.

“To just say that I recommend ARCO as a design/build contractor falls short of the mark. The experience we had with ARCO extends beyond simply construction, to a true long term partnership that will undoubtedly see future projects with RMC. ARCO is indeed best in class and I wholeheartedly recommend them for any construction projects you may have. It has been my sincere pleasure doing business with ARCO, but I also gained long lasting friendships during this build as well.”


New Project Announcement – Heart of America Beverage


ARCO Beverage Group to construct new facility for Heart of America Beverage

ARCO Beverage Group received a contract to complete a new beverage distribution facility and office for Springfield based, Heart of America Beverage. The new facility will be built in Republic, Missouri to replace their current location. Heart of America’s 1979 Springfield facility had been expanded over the years to a total of 65,000 square feet. The new distributorship will be more than double the size to support Heart of America’s growing business that sells a diverse portfolio of quality brands in four states.